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My new toy

by Jae

Wooo… This is my first softbox! It’s called¬†Cheetah Qbox 24. (Isn’t it a cool name?) I will post a review soon after playing around with my backdrops+stand which will be delivered tomorrow! Can’t wait!!!!


by Jae

I like to bake. Well, I should say I like to bake them so I can eat them. Who doesn’t? For about a week, Francis and I got a cold and we were coughing in harmony all day. We’ve been eating this big pot of the same chicken soup that I cooked couple days ago and we wanted to eat other foods like regular people. ūüėõ So we decided to pick up some Indian food (Yum!) ¬†and cupcakes for dessert.

I told Francis and I’ve never bought the fancy cupcakes but I really wanted to try this time, so we drove to the local cupcake place called ‘More’. Yum!

Flavors: strawberry cheesecake, white velvet, red velvet, bacon maple…. crazy huh?

Maybe I can bake some cupcakes next time… Got any good cupcake recipes?


Amanda and Dan’s Museum Campus engagement session

by Jae

It was a beautiful late summer afternoon when I met Dan and Amanda for their engagement portrait session. Amanda had her heart set to have engagement session by the Museum Campus area. It worked out great since her beautiful blond hair looked so pretty in lake breeze and Dan was holding her to make sure she stays warm. I can’t wait to photograph them on their wedding! Aren’t they so cute? :)

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Tiffany and Matt Engaged

by Jae

It was a sunny and breezy day when I met Tiffany and Matt for their engagement session at the Kinzie street bridge, one of the best location to take photos. Tiffany and Matt said they are little nervous but excited. I told them it will be fun! We walked all the way from the Kinzie street Bridge to the Trump Tower and to the Corner Bakery on Wacker Dr. Along the walk, we found so many little cute places on every corner for the street photo shoot, and I was really surprised how short that walk felt like. Tiffany looked beautiful with Matt while sunshine beaming around her face. They couldn’t stop smiling… As I primised… It was fun… :)

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Ashley and Gabriel’s Garden and Downtown Wedding

by Jae

¬†When Gabriel met Ashley for the first time, he knew she would be the love of his life. However during the wedding ceremony, it was Ashley who couldn’t stop the tears.. tears of joy to share the rest of her life with the love of her life, Gabriel.. It was a garden ceremony in the early afternoon, and then we head to downtown Chicago fashionably in black limo for some fun wedding portrait photos followed by the beautiful reception and, of course, money dance… :) Congratulations to the beautiful couple, Ashley and Gabriel!

Tania and Julio’s Glamorous Chicago Wedding

by Jae

Tania and Julio’s wedding was at a glamorous restaurant called Zed451. ¬†After the ceremony, we took the Zed 415 shuttle bus to Magnificent file and Oliver Park by the lake to capture the wonderful city of Chicago with the couple and the wedding party! I remember it was a sizzling day but not as hot as Julio and Tania! It was a¬†beautiful wedding filled with love and emotion and fun! Enjoy!

Denise and Dan’s Golf Club House Wedding

by Jae

It was a beautiful day when Dan and Denise got married at the Seven Bridge Golf Club in Woodridge, IL. While Denise was getting ready, it started to rain little bit, but by the time the wedding ceremony was over, just in time, the rain stopped and created a perfect overcast weather that was ideal lighting to take photos! How great is that!! :) Here are some of their one of the happiest day of their life captured by Wedding Photolosophy. Enjoy! Also, check out more photos at the Wedding Photolosophy Facebook Page!

Chicago Adler Planetarium engagement portrait session

by Jae

Chicago Adler Planetarium on April? I expected a lot of cold wind and layers. Guess what! Sarah and Josh wanted to go to the beach area by the Adler Planetarium and take a walk on the beach bare foot! Sarah told me that it’s her little tradition that she dip her foot in the water whenever she comes by here. Winter or summer, doesn’t matter! Also, this beach was one of her favorite spot! So here it goes… engagement portrait at the¬†Adler Planetarium and beach front. BTW, did you know that there is a beach right by the¬†Adler Planetarium? :) Enjoy this cute + Bulls and Hawks Fan couple’s lovely moments~. ¬†More photos at Facebook page!

Ahhh.. Honeymoon….

by Jae


Ah…. Honeymoon… One of the good¬†thing about being a wedding photographer is that I get to remember the weddings I’ve been to, especially MY WEDDING!¬† I got married in Chicago and we stayed at the Trump Tower in Chicago. Still now, the experience at the Trump Tower was the best hotel experience I’ve ever had, hands down… Seriously, the hotel suit itself¬†was super pimped since it’s a brand new building, and the¬†doorman and the staffs at the hotel¬†remembered¬†that it was my wedding day and¬†asked us how my¬†wedding was even though I wasn’t wearing my wedding dress at that time! Plus the rose pedals¬†in the bed and champagne and chocolate cake and etc…¬†I just wanted to live there and Francis and I ended up staying one more night before we went honeymoon.. To where? Disney World!¬†No¬†joke..¬†That was the first time I’ve ever been to the¬†Disney World¬†as well as¬†FL. We had such a great time¬†there..( I wish I am there now.. haha) ¬†We were at the park everyday, die hard style, make our money’s worth..haha… Also gave away some desserts¬†to the random families since we¬†were on dining plan and¬†Francis and I both are not a big sweet tooth. ¬†We were saying, ” Have a magical day!”, and we loved giving away free desserts to the family who were sitting with many kids. One of the coolist moment was when Pluto proposed to me before taking a group photo. It was really magical and I am so glad that they captured this moment… I love photography…

Living in downtown Chicago…

by Jae

As you might know, I now live in downtown Chicago by the Navy Pier and Fox and Obel Food Market. I love this location and it was my dream since I moved to Chicago from Michigan to live in downtown by the lake and beach. I think it’s because the beach and the downtown life brings me back the memory of living in California and Seoul. I remember whenever I feel good or bad, my friend Sarah and I would take the Beach Blvd and drive down to the Huntington¬†Beach. Ah~~ Those high school days~~ Anyways, today, I was waiting for my husband to come home after his BB game and started watching people on the street from my condo. I know this could sound crazy but it’s kinda fun and interesting. It makes me feel like I am in the zoo watching people. ( or the other way) ¬†I check people’s body movement and interaction and what they are wearing so I know how cold outside is and etc. I also look for Cash Cab ever since I heard about it taping in Chicago. I soooo want to ride the Cash Cab Chicago although I am really bad at the trivia game, and I even thought of making a website to track where the Chicago Cash Cab is… ¬†Let me know if anyone has seen the Chicago Cash Cab in real life…


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