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by Jae

Hi, guys~ Are you enjoying the spring weather in Chicago? Oh wait, it’s still March, isn’t it?

I am loving this weather… Not a big fan of cold winter or hot summer… Although if I have to choose, I will choose summer over winter.. Flu and cold in winter is just not fun at all. You know..

Today, I would like to share some of my favorite blogs that I follow these days. You might think that my favorite blogs are photography blogs or wedding blogs, but a lot of these are food or fashion blogs… Is it weird? Oh well. Like Ms. Lady GAGA said, I was born this way.. lol.. Don’t get me wrong, I do follow some photography blogs as well, but I try to draw my inspiration from something other than wedding photography. Plus, I’ve gotta eat too you know… :) I love eating gooood food and cool fashion.. Who doesn’t? – My secret to the brown sugar blueberry cookies is from here. It’s like eating muffin top as a cookie. Her writing is kinda funny too! – Fashion and cooking. Who does’t like these two?  – Beautiful food photography with great story and yummy recipe. – This is where I got my Chewy Lemon Cookies recipe. easy easy recipe. – Food blog that makes me hungry.. – These girl knows how to make food look yummy! – I found this blog by chance. Street photography from Chicago. Interesting. – Fashion Fashion and Home and etc. – Photography blog by Sue Bryce,One of the TOP portrait photographer. Inspiring. True to herself. She turns normal people to super model through her lens. Go and see how she does her magic!


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