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Girl Scout Cookies

by Jae

Have you ever sold or had the girl scout cookies? My niece is a girl scout 😀 and she was selling the girl scout cookies this year. Believe it or not, I’ve never had the girl scout cookies in my life! (I grew up in Korea…) We ordered 5 boxes, two Thin Mints for my husband (I don’t like mint cookies or mint chocolate), and two boxes of Savannah Smiles, and a box of Tagalongs. Love these cookie names… If you want to order the girl scout cookies, you know who to ask now~!!!! Call me next year, I will hook u up with some cookies!

Like Ross said, “Cookie Duuuude!”

If you want to meet the GS cookies, visit the official GS cookie page here! Thx, Genna!

Sarah and Josh’s Lovely Wedding

by Jae

It was a hot summer day when Sarah and Josh got married in front of God and the people who love them. They looked so happy and I was able to feel the love in the air. Enjoy!

Check out more photos of their wedding at my Facebook Fan Page!


by Jae

Do you like vintage items? I do!! I was walking down on State St, and found this super cute small vintage shop next to the grahamwich called P.O.S.H. in River North, Chicago.

P.O.S.H. sells “vintage and unique finds for your home”.

I remember seeing this place from HGTV Urban Oasis Giveaway – Chicago Trump Tower episode but I didn’t know this place was so close to my place!

I wonder if this small tin is for tooth fairy. What do you think??

Pancakes does make people happy… 😀

“Talk to the hand….”

They also have many many plates and cups and other vintage china and glasses for your home.

For more information about this place, please visit


by Jae

Have you ever tried a sandwich from the grahamwich? It’s a sandwich shop by famous Chef Graham Elliot at River North area in Chicago downtown. Francis and I wanted to have a nice late lunch on Friday, so we decided to take a walk to grahamwich. We saw Chef Graham Elliot on TV before, so we were really exited but did not want to have too high hopes since we wanted to be a fair on judging the taste of the food. :)

It’s not a fancy restaurant. It’s a hip sandwich shop… We ordered southern bbq sandwich and pastrami reuben sandwich with lemon-lime soda and Hot Choco.

I wanted to eat some ice cream but I was too full. 😀

They have more seating area at the back.

I really like these lightbulbs hanging down from the ceiling and the chalk board wall menu as well as white black yellow interior…<3


They only open from 8 am to 5pm, 7 days a week. For more information about this place, please visit Let me know how you like them!

Post Valentine’s Day

by Jae

How was your Valentine’s Day? Mine was filled with great news, flowers, fried chicken, and chilling with Francis and friends watching Biggest Loser and new drama series, Touch. No fancy restaurant since we hate long wait at the restaurant.(To me, waiting is not so romantic…) We are a big big fan of 24 and so excited to see Kiefer Sutherland on TV again! I was keep referring him as Jack Bauer while watching the first episode. Hehe…

Pretty Nail Color~~

by Jae

Do you go to the nail salon often? I just do mine at home because I can never keep them neat after putting them on. They get scratched and dinged all the time after washing dishes and etc. So I do them at home myself. They are not perfect, but who cares~. I would rather go shopping with that money~!

These are my favorite nail polish colors these days. OPI Nail Polish Need Sunglasses?(How fun name is this?), Essie fancy delancy, Essie Mademoiselle. It’s really hard for me to pick the color, so, sometimes, I just wear them all! One on each finger! haha. What’s your fav color?

My new toy

by Jae

Wooo… This is my first softbox! It’s called Cheetah Qbox 24. (Isn’t it a cool name?) I will post a review soon after playing around with my backdrops+stand which will be delivered tomorrow! Can’t wait!!!!


by Jae

I like to bake. Well, I should say I like to bake them so I can eat them. Who doesn’t? For about a week, Francis and I got a cold and we were coughing in harmony all day. We’ve been eating this big pot of the same chicken soup that I cooked couple days ago and we wanted to eat other foods like regular people. 😛 So we decided to pick up some Indian food (Yum!)  and cupcakes for dessert.

I told Francis and I’ve never bought the fancy cupcakes but I really wanted to try this time, so we drove to the local cupcake place called ‘More’. Yum!

Flavors: strawberry cheesecake, white velvet, red velvet, bacon maple…. crazy huh?

Maybe I can bake some cupcakes next time… Got any good cupcake recipes?


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