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Marisela and Chris’ lovely wedding day!

by Jae

It was a perfect day for a wedding… Marisela was on her beautiful white ‘princess-like’ wedding dress to marry the love of her life, Chris. Chris was also getting ready for the ceremony, checking his phone. A little bit nervous and excited, couldn’t wait to see his beautiful bride, Marisela. They were carefully planning this day for months and months, and that day finally came! The day to celebrate their love and commitment to each other with the family and loved ones! Feel free to take a peek on their joyous and super fun wedding day!

For more photos of Marisela and Chris, check out our Facebook page;)

Phili and Bharat’s Colorful Indian Wedding!

by Jae

Phili and Bharat met each other in Boston. When the time was right :) , they decided to move to Chicago! They had an indian wedding in Chicago area, and it was super cool and different style of the ceremony than any wedding that I have covered before. However, one thing in common was the love and happiness and excitement in the air. It was very colorful wedding and I was really excited to capture every moments through out the day. Here are some of thoses moments!!

Congrats to the couple!!! For more photos of Phili and Bharat, check out our Facebook page! 😉

Sarah and Josh’s Lovely Wedding

by Jae

It was a hot summer day when Sarah and Josh got married in front of God and the people who love them. They looked so happy and I was able to feel the love in the air. Enjoy!

Check out more photos of their wedding at my Facebook Fan Page!

Ashley and Gabriel’s Garden and Downtown Wedding

by Jae

 When Gabriel met Ashley for the first time, he knew she would be the love of his life. However during the wedding ceremony, it was Ashley who couldn’t stop the tears.. tears of joy to share the rest of her life with the love of her life, Gabriel.. It was a garden ceremony in the early afternoon, and then we head to downtown Chicago fashionably in black limo for some fun wedding portrait photos followed by the beautiful reception and, of course, money dance… :) Congratulations to the beautiful couple, Ashley and Gabriel!

Tania and Julio’s Glamorous Chicago Wedding

by Jae

Tania and Julio’s wedding was at a glamorous restaurant called Zed451.  After the ceremony, we took the Zed 415 shuttle bus to Magnificent file and Oliver Park by the lake to capture the wonderful city of Chicago with the couple and the wedding party! I remember it was a sizzling day but not as hot as Julio and Tania! It was a beautiful wedding filled with love and emotion and fun! Enjoy!

Denise and Dan’s Golf Club House Wedding

by Jae

It was a beautiful day when Dan and Denise got married at the Seven Bridge Golf Club in Woodridge, IL. While Denise was getting ready, it started to rain little bit, but by the time the wedding ceremony was over, just in time, the rain stopped and created a perfect overcast weather that was ideal lighting to take photos! How great is that!! :) Here are some of their one of the happiest day of their life captured by Wedding Photolosophy. Enjoy! Also, check out more photos at the Wedding Photolosophy Facebook Page!

Rachel + Lorenzo post wedding portrait

by Jae

Rachel and Lorenzo had their wedding on a beautiful day in fall. Their theme color was orange and brown! When the asked me to take their post wedding portrait, we had a discussion on the location of the portrait session and came up with the idea on taking photo at the park by Lakeshore drive and Irving park Rd. in Chicago where the couple had some special memories. :)

The bride looked so beautiful. Couple weeks later, the couple gave me a red pair of gloves as a gift. It’s the one that has open flaps for the fingers so I can wear them and take photos at the winter time! How smart and thoughtful is that! Thank you so much!


More at the WP Facebook page!


Additional Photos from Lisa and Sajid wedding

by Jae



Lisa and Sajid Wedding

by Jae

It was such a blessing to be part of Lisa and Saj's special day. They had a beautiful church wedding and went off to the Portage Park for the portraits and bridal party photo session. The weather was sunny and perfect to capture the special moment of the bride and groom.

During the photo session, the groom got a phone call from a friend... It did not stop me from taking photos... haha!

We went over the list of photos for the portrait session previously and the bride and the groom had many great ideas that I was able to incorporate to their portrait session.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Bride getting ready

Bride with hair roll




After the ceremony...

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